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  • giambi

    Gracias, adesso sotto il sole "d’? Sicilia" leggo meglio il display!!! Buona (caldissima) domenica comp?…

  • alex

    beh !!! vedo che infondo non ti sono poi tanto serviti gli sfondi che ti ho inviato……
    forse non ne hai voglia …..  vabb? grazie lo stesso pietro!!!

  • AEx

    dear pietro, could u please do a remake of " BlackReloaded" for the N95, and this time with the phonenumbers more vissible when entering one or receiving a call  thanks in advance 

  • pietro

    @Alex: come ti ho scritto, ho tanti progetti da finire e sulle immagini che mi hai mandato c’? da lavorare per renderle in svg…

    @AEx: just few days ago i made a plane black theme… 

  • AEx

    i know u made a plane black a few days back, im running it now , i keep track of all ur themes , but i just so like the icons u use in black reloaded, only downside is when i enter a number or get an incoming call the numbers are not that good visible., thx in advance

  • Mick Harvey

    @ AEx

    I find that’s a problem with a lot of themes, not just p@sco themes. For example: When I enable the Plane White Theme on my N73 and then press the multimedia key, the icons are there but the text is still white, so it’s invisible. A quick restart normally clears it. There’s also a problem in some text fields eg: When browsing the web and I select “Go To Web Address” in “Options” the text in the field contrasts very badly with the background, the same can happen with texts as well. May be a limitation of the Symbian O/S at the moment.

  • pietro

    Exactly AEx, as Mick says, not all fields can be changed from carbide, so some parts are still with original colours and cannot change them…

  • saman

    your last black theme have a bug when it will see the certificate of installers i can’t read it because the font of the certificates is black too!N73ME 

  • Saman

    ask from babi
    he was made black themes very well but his themes does not have this problem (have other problems:-")!!!!! many of your themes subjects is abstractwhy you don’t make themes in other subjects?example: tec-games-movies-cartoons-natural-love-signs-brands…. 

  • AEx

    @saman: thats just the big point between the two artists, babi is more "subjects" and p@sco is more the abstract of the two.im more of a abstract person myself, i have both of them bookmarked right beneath each other, the first one i always visit is piasco’s site and i let babi load in the background till i finish with piasco  .and as is obvious, u are more of a "babi person" saman :D 

  • pietro

    lol, AEx, you’re right! the fact is that babi works a lot with images in raster format, i work better with scalable images, and it’s really difficult to create a comic image in svg format… 

    i prefer abstract, so i can make themes that are simple and easy to read, and sometimes i make also cartoons themes and other subjects… ;) 

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