Micky Tripod!

Ricordate il p@sco tripod? Mick, assiduo frequentatore del Blog, ha deciso di migliorarlo, e mi ha spedito il set fotografico dell’impresa… Grazie Mick!
 Do you remember p@sco’s Tripod? Mick, assiduous reader of the Blog, has decided to improve
it, and he has sent me the photographic set of the enterprise… Thanks Mick!


Mick ha usato un vecchio Zap Pager, uno di quegli apparecchietti da bicicletta, da cui ha ricavato la cornice su cui poter sistemare il telefono. Davvero molto ingegnoso e stabile!

Mick used an old Zap Pager, as the ones used for speedmeters on bicycles, and he made from it the frame to anchor the phone. Really ingenious and stable!







Forte eh? Provate anche voi! Smiley

That’s nice, isn’t it? Try to make your own! Smiley 


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  • Mick Harvey

    Thanks Pietro.

    I may even improve the design further by cutting away the plastic that’s blocking the POP Port so it can be connected to a lap-top whilst it’s in the frame.
    Looking at the first 4 images gives some idea of how the v4 firmware has improved the camera.

    I just hope my brother doesn’t want his pager back any time soon :P

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