3rd Edition Themes

Dotsisx Theme 3rd Ed



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  • alessandro

    Ma  lo farai  quel tema   con il fondo grigio chiaro   e la grafica in color prugna?

  • pietro

    Hi La Dee Dah, really sorry for that, i took that image from a site concerning phones, didn’t know it was designed by you, i usually ask for permission for using images… may i insert a link in the post? do you agree?

  • Rhandee

    Hello. I’m writing this in regards to the "Lime" theme you’ve created. As co-owner of Piximix, I must respectfully request that you cease and decease any further use, modification, and/or distribution of our Lime character or any other Piximix characters. We appreciate your interest but this was created without our consent. Please understand the time and effort that was put in these characters, any type of modification or unconsented use will result to copyright violations. Please reply confirming that you have taken this theme down. Thank you. Sincerely,Rhandee LeanoPiximix llc 

  • pietro

    I had no intention to steal images, really sorry for that, as i told i thought they were original from a site concerning phones. theme is down now, as you can see. hope you understand i didn’t want to steal your work. best regards.

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